The Deep Think – Taking Hong Kong Education Into The Digital Age

Here is an article in the Comment / Insight and Opinion section of the South China Morning Post.  It talks about secondary education in Hong Kong and the benefits of embracing the digital age in a more serious way.  Speaking about the Diploma of Secondary Education in Hong Kong, Simon Wang says: With the advent … Continue reading The Deep Think – Taking Hong Kong Education Into The Digital Age

To Be Decided by Matt Excell

A column by Kappu intern and student Matt Excell. As a student I know sometimes the concept of learning something entirely new is intimidating sometimes especially when it’s presented to you in a way you haven't seen or experienced before.   As a millennial I also know to a degree how aggravating it can be to … Continue reading To Be Decided by Matt Excell

English Phrases Decoded #1

The English language has some very weird and wonderful phrases.  Many of these barely make sense to native speakers, so some of them must seem very strange indeed to those looking to learn English. Today is the first in our weekly series called English Phrases Decoded, and features the phrase 'you couldn't swing a cat'.  … Continue reading English Phrases Decoded #1

Word Of The Month – Pareidolia

Here is our word of the month!  A word I must admit I have never used in a sentence.  But it is a sensation I have definitely had. "pareidolia /ˌpæraɪˈdəʊlɪə/ A psychological phenomenon, wherein a person has the notion of seeing faces of people in clouds, hearing hidden messages and other such unusual feelings." To … Continue reading Word Of The Month – Pareidolia

Reblog: 6 Ways To Immediately Improve Your English Communication Skills

Here is a really helpful blog post we are reblogging with simple techniques to improve your English communication skills.  They are simple but they are also very effective! You may have memorized endless lists of vocabulary, you may know all the grammar needed to hold any conversation and still find yourself at a loss when … Continue reading Reblog: 6 Ways To Immediately Improve Your English Communication Skills

The Benefits Of Learning Another Language

A friend once told me that learning another language was like a work out for your brain.  It would seem that he was right!  Here is an article published in The Telegraph that cites seven cognitive benefits that come with  learning another language. Physiological studies have found that speaking two or more languages is a … Continue reading The Benefits Of Learning Another Language

Hello, We Are Kappu!

We're new around here! Here is a little about us.  We will b sharing articles, vlogs and all manner of things around our passion, education.  We are passionate about learners and teachers, and want to help people share the experience of education globally! Do you have some skills you would like to share? With Kappu, … Continue reading Hello, We Are Kappu!