Reblog – Abscent On Results Day – The Stable Oyster

grade This is a post I wrote in the run up to results day. I’ve collated it so that it’s chronological, as I wrote different parts at different times. — It’s 4.30am and I am sitting by a stream in Deer Park, Cornwall. I have my phone with me and I’m wearing a warm jumper. […] … Continue reading Reblog – Abscent On Results Day – The Stable Oyster

GCSE results day: Turning their dreams into a reality

You sound like a truly inspirational teacher! A massive congratulations on their learning, their results and your teaching. This is such a heart warming post.

My Teaching Wonderland

My first ‘GCSE results nightmare’ was around January. I cried, they cried, I’m sure even the paper started crying at one point as a whole load of ‘1s’ started floating around in the sky. No one can quite prepare you for the emotional roller coaster of a year 11 class.

I remember the INSET day last September: ‘Alice, we are giving you 118/6. It is the 6th set on the progress 8 side, you will see them every day and your lessons will be down in the SEN block.’ My heart sunk. Not because I didn’t want to teach such a diverse range of girls, but because I didn’t think I could and I worried I wouldn’t do them the justice they deserved. Your teacher training year doesn’t quite prepare you for teaching a class of PP, EAL girls with autism, ADHD,  dyslexia and memory issues all in one small…

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Results Day For UK Students Collecting Their GCSEs

It is a big day today in the UK.  Students all over the country are collecting their GCSE results!  14 to 16 year olds are all finding out how they have done on this eagerly anticipated day.  Reading the social media feeds, tension is high and many sleepless nights have been had. This year also marks … Continue reading Results Day For UK Students Collecting Their GCSEs