What are the essential qualities of a good teacher?

“When someone takes away your pens you realize quite how important education is.” This is a quote from Malala Yousafzai, who at age 17 became a Nobel Prize winning advocate for education. Indeed, Malala’s life story shows the importance of education and lengths people will go to in its pursuit. At the heart of a … Continue reading What are the essential qualities of a good teacher?

Teachers! The Guardian Newspaper Needs Your Help!

2017 has been a challenging year in almost every sphere of life, and teaching is no different.  From budgets to policy, teachers have seen more than their fair share of challenges.  With that in mind, the Guardian newspaper are asking for the lessons you as teachers have learnt this year. "Whatever it is, we’d like … Continue reading Teachers! The Guardian Newspaper Needs Your Help!

An End To Rote Learning?

This is what Dr Ashok Jansari, a cognitive neuropsychologist at Goldsmiths University is suggesting.  Dr Jansari states that pupils do not retain well what they have learned by rote.  Instead he recommends that students use the information immediately. In what has been called the "testing effect", testing students immediately after learning something has been shown … Continue reading An End To Rote Learning?


20 years a teacher

On Thursday night I presented at the Specialist School and Academies Trust (#SSATNC14) Teachmeet. The theme of my 5 minute presentation was on the issue of staff well-being. This was a mini version of the presentation Mark Healy (@cijane02) was due to present at David Fawcett (@davidfawcett27) and Jen Lud’s (@MissJLud) TLT14, which myself and Tania Harding (@taniaf77) delivered on his behalf.


It is an idea I have returned to this half term (at our TLT14 tea party last week) which links to my theory that a happy staff equals happy students.

Simple but who knows!

I often wonder if the job of leadership is to look after the staff. The teachers you have in the building. The ones who look after your students. It appears as though the recruitment crisis will (is) start(ing) to bite sooner rather than later. If we continue to…

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A view on Standardised Testing

Here is a fascinating view on a standardised testing focussed teaching, the real purpose of an education and the gap she feels that exists between them.  Whilst the speaker is talking about America, it has a broad application.  What are views on this?  Comment and share! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woVtj8GH678 Dave Horn Kappu Education Blogger and Researcher

Teacher Life In Six Memes

When Government policy changes and some really important aspects are no longer priorities. When something good happens and you remember what got you into teaching in the first place. The moment an unexpected and unrealistic inspection is carried out. When a mountain of marking also equals a mountain of deciphering and alternative interpretation. ... and … Continue reading Teacher Life In Six Memes

Author Philip Pullman speaks about the UK Education System

Author of the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy, Philp Pullman, speaks about the UK education system.  In this interview he talks about the need to trust teachers and the importance of imagination in schools.  As he says; "No work of art ... was ever reasoned into existence". Let us know your views on this by commenting … Continue reading Author Philip Pullman speaks about the UK Education System

The growing workload of Teachers and the sacrifices they make

There are some jobs in life that are considered vocations, not just another job but a true calling in life.  Teaching is one of these.  Education is the life blood of our society, and our teachers are in many ways guiding architects.  However, teachers are continually and increasingly pressurised.  The costs to themselves and the … Continue reading The growing workload of Teachers and the sacrifices they make