To Be Decided: choice

Hello Everyone welcome to the TBD! The column that forces itself to attempt to come up with new openings every time and awkwardly addresses it now and then, so today's topic is going to be on future choices!  Okay, so unfortunately, like many people I'm not a clairvoyant and I don't exactly have a clear … Continue reading To Be Decided: choice

To Be Decided: exams

Hey everyone, its time for more TBD and that means another topic that's either predictable or totally out of the blue! So, on today's column we're going to be talking about exams - something we all have to go through and which can impact some of us in some pretty heavy ways. When we think … Continue reading To Be Decided: exams

To Be Decided: Learning Styles

Hey everyone, for this column we're going to be doing something similar to the one where we covered the different kinds of schooling systems that exist. We'll be going a little more in-depth, instead of school systems we're going to be covering learning styles. Well, not all of them as they are in great abundance … Continue reading To Be Decided: Learning Styles

To Be Decided: Consistency

Its time for another TBD, the column that has more time struggling to open and segway into it's topic than writing about that topic. Today's poorly segwayed topic will be consistency, something that I know little to nothing about. I'll try to do this column none the less. Despite that being a joke, consistency is … Continue reading To Be Decided: Consistency

Happy CNY 2018! Chinese New Year is here!

It is that day again, to celebrate CNY! A time for fun, food, fireworks and celebration. In the UK we will be celebrating as we welcome in the year of the dog. Cities across the UK will be hosting events to mark the beginning of this new year. London, Bangor, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle are just … Continue reading Happy CNY 2018! Chinese New Year is here!

Shrove Tuesday a.k.a Pancake Day: Why, When and How

Today is Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day! Shrove Tuesday is much more than simply an excuse to eat a delicious pancake. Pancakes have a long history in the UK; people think that pancakes began as a pagan tradition to use up eggs, flour and milk. It became a Christian tradition, where flour butter … Continue reading Shrove Tuesday a.k.a Pancake Day: Why, When and How