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Kappu is an innovative and ambitious eLearning platform designed to empower the education sector by providing a global marketplace for users to exchange value through paid 1-to-1 live video services.

If you’re interested in becoming a student, whether you want to learn to supplement your education, to brush up on skills for work, or just for the sake of learning itself, we can help you to find a tutor that suits you.

If you want to teach, we’ll help you show off your skills as a tutor, and make it easy for you to advertise your lessons and find students.

  • We will liberate learning from traditional education structures and create an environment where anybody can access learning opportunities or teach others across different countries and cultures.
  • We will stimulate experts to monetize their skills and knowledge. Wherever in the world they are based, we will provide a platform for them to market their value.
  • Kappu is a liberation from formal structures and the barriers to learning with full 1-to-1 access to experts and teachers anywhere across the globe.

Learn or teach with us now.

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The Kappu Team