To Be Decided: choice

Hello Everyone welcome to the TBD! The column that forces itself to attempt to come up with new openings every time and awkwardly addresses it now and then, so today’s topic is going to be on future choices! 

Okay, so unfortunately, like many people I’m not a clairvoyant and I don’t exactly have a clear outlook on the future. However, most of us like to be relatively certain about our future (or at least as much as possible) from what we’re having for dinner later to what courses we might take next year in college or uni or even what secondary school topics we want to take. Every time we need to think about our options we have to take the further future into mind. This may be really stressful, especially when taking into consideration the seemingly big consequences of some of the actions you may take. At the end of the day our choices are one of the things that shape us as people, so sometimes it can feel larger than life trying to make big choices. 

I’d suggest to try to keep your best interests in mind, granted this might not always be easy. Sometimes it means you have to choose between friends, 2 different passions you have and all manner of things swirling about in your head. Remember that if you do have the luxury of knowing what you want to do, you should embrace it and try it out. Don’t hesitate then accidentally choose something that you thought was the better path and it was actually you just second guessing yourself. It’s important to follow what you have passion for, as it’s something that not only defines you as a person, but could also one day provide you with a source of income. In a situation where it doesn’t work out you can always try something different. 

Remember that if you don’t know what you want to do you can always talk to your friends and family about what they’re doing for inspiration and if you still have no ideas that you are interested in try to think up of something that has all-purpose uses in your life and should generally be useful to you no matter where you go, as when you do things like this you not only do something productive but you also will probably doing something that you are not all that interested in and in these states we usually find ways to keep us entertained and this in turn provides us with some inspiration on what we could be doing, another advantage being that you are actively doing something productive while sometimes you do benefit from taking a step back when it comes to learning or working its good to keep that rhythm of doing work this way when you find the thing you want to do you wont have been just sitting around doing nothing.

I hope you all make the choices that are right for you and if you don’t I hope you that you find something that works out for you in the end and remember we all make bad choices sometimes and there’s always a chance to make a good choice so you should never beat yourself up over something just remember to learn from any mistakes you do make and that all roads may appear challenging you just have to commit and do your best, I’ll be back for more TBD next time!

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