To Be Decided: progress

Are you ready for more TBD?!? If not, then too bad,we’re doing one anyway. The topic for this week is going to be on something kind of different, I’m covering the subject of progression!

Progress is something that lots of people find hard to measure for a lot of situations, as many people see progress differently and have different ideas of what it is. We can see examples of this in the places where we learn: schools, colleges, our place of work. These places are where our progress tends to be the most interesting to measure, as when you spend most of your time somewhere it can be hard to tell where you’ve progressed and where you haven’t. It all seems to blend into one, but often in these environments this is less of a problem with teachers and bosses telling us if we’ve done well or moved forward in some aspect. Hearing positive comments is encouraging but it isn’t a consistent or measurable way of showing progress. So it is important to have your own structured way of assessing progress.

One of the best ways to do this is to have a set of a few achievable goals that you can carry out. Instead of having a simple goal such as “pass English test”, break it down into smaller simple goals, such as master the grammar that you must use for the test or get really good at the final questions. If you don’t perform well in the comprehension part of the test, you’ve probably aced most of the test anyway. You might find it easier to do this because you’re not focusing on the whole thing at once and you have broken down the goal into smaller, manageable parts. The concept sounds simple. Be honest with yourself, how many times have you been confident enough to approach a task and say “yeah i can do this all at once it’ll be easy”, only to be successful as a brick attending a school for pilots. Goals may not be achieved because we don’t take things one task at a time and we try doing things as one big cluster.

On occasion it can be fine to use this method of taking on everything at once, as we are perfectly capable of doing some things this way. However, it is best to take a moment to consider what the safe option of success could be. By doing things bit by bit, it will be easier to track your progress. There are other methods to measuring your progress, and you will want to apply different methods to a variety of situations so maybe charts and diagrams for example if you’re measuring large amounts of time and change or even just a diary of things you’ve done and achieved.

Another tricky thing about progress is that we often confuse struggling with stagnation, thinking that the struggle means we aren’t learning anything. On the contrary, the event of struggling with something will often make it easier to remember what does and doesn’t work. However, this may lead to you repeating the same mistake several times over. During moments like these it’s best to step back, take a break and then take time evaluate everything. I’ll be back for more TBD next time. Thanks for reading (all 4 of you)! 

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