To Be Decided: reading

It’s that time of the week where another fresh TBD gets thrown at you! This week for our column on the TBD we have something a bit different, and that is the subject of reading! With immediate access to huge amounts of content through streaming platforms, catch-up services and recorded TV, people today seem to spend less time reading, even though e-readers and tablets have made it much more convenient to do so.

Reading is a good habit to get into, especially if you have a long commute, or points of the day where you’re just sitting around for 20 minutes or so. I bring this all up because of a bus journey I had on my way to college the other day as I looked around I noticed that nearly everyone was just staring out the window with glazed-over eyes. Most of them didn’t even have earphones in, but were just aimlessly looking around the bus and outside. Now, this bus journey goes on for about 40 minutes and these people get this same bus almost every day of the week so they certainly were not looking for the view at this point! You would expect them to have brought something to do, but I began to realise that they simply don’t think of reading as a pastime and instead subject themselves to boredom.

I don’t, or at least shouldn’t, have to explain to you the benefits of reading and why it’s a good way to stimulate your brain but I think lots of people just are simply too distracted by their phones. To a certain degree this is fine, of course, but sometimes it can lead to moments like I experienced on the bus where, if you don’t have a phone or earphones to listen to something you go a bit blank as to what alternatives you have.

The point I’m trying to make here is that while no one expects you to swap out all the time on your phone for a book (because I certainly wouldn’t) it is good to sit down and try and read up on something that interests you, rather then scrolling a feed that you know that you mostly couldn’t care less about! Of course, it’s all preference so do what you like, but try to keep in mind the benefits of other things that you could be doing as there are an endless number of things you could be teaching yourself. For instance, I picked up part 2 of ‘Canadian phrases and sayings’ yesterday! Why is that a book? Why did they make it into 2 books? Is there a point to these books at all? These are all great questions that I don’t have answers for but the point is enough people enjoyed part 1 that they made a part 2, so you’re bound to find something out there to entertain you!

Anyway, maybe a less insightful blog than usual today but still something to keep in mind! I’ll see you next time for some more TBD.

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