To Be Decided: news

Hello and welcome to another column of the TBD the topic I’ve got for this week is news! I wanted to go with something a bit different this time and talk about how news in general effects everything about our lives in small and big ways, we live in a world where “Nothing travels faster than the speed of light with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws” that wonderful quote by Douglass Adams perfectly sums up the world we live in today where all news is near instant and sadly the bad news tends to hold the limelight a lot longer then the more positive things.

News tends to affect every aspect of our lives from being at school, going to work all the way to the most obscure things that people do like going out and buying a microwavable burger (probably the most obscure thing a person can do) but either way news none the less effects whatever we do in so many different ways depending on what kind of person you are obviously.

The reason i chose this as a topic is because news is starting to become more and more opinionated not to say that it wasn’t opinionated before but that’s not the point, its still impotent to keep this in mind for things like say education, a highly subjective news source is dangerous and could impact a huge amount of teachers and students in a very different way to some others this will likely cause clashes in teaching styles, ways of learning and a whole manner of other things that cause conflict on how to teach children properly and will often lead to good ways of teaching and learning being lost because someone was given a bias source on a report about education or just from unreliable or news that has been over exaggerated and that’s just me using the topic of teaching that we’re all so familiar with it happens with almost all things news outlets report on (of course this is with varying degrees)

My over all point is not to ignore the news that would be awful but to just try and get as many sides of the story as you can and not just take one thing for face value and as the over all truth as that is usually the cause for people being misinformed and misinformation is an enemy to us all, anyway that’s all I’m doing for this topic remember to stay informed and remember to make up your own mind on what’s happening and think for yourself and i’ll be back for another column soon!

oh and i forgot to add one other thing “insert generic fake new joke”

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