Ways To Ask For Something In English

Learning how to make requests and ask for things is a fundamental part of learning any language.  Here are a few ways of asking for things in English.  The sentence structures below work whether you are asking for a pen or a pent house apartment.

If you are asking for something, like a drink or a football, you always say use ‘a’ before the item.  You could say ‘please can I have ‘a football.’  The use of the word please makes this a polite way to ask for something.

If you are asking or requesting to do an activity or go somewhere, such as go to the beach or go snowboarding, you always add ‘to’ before the activity or place.  You could say ‘I would like to go to the beach‘ or I would like to go snowboarding‘.

Another way to ask for something is to request an exact object, like the salt or that puppy, is to say ‘can you pass the remote‘.

Comment with your own examples below!

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