6 Ways To Describe The Weather In English

The weather is something we all share, and in the UK it is also a common subject for conversation.  Here 6 common types.

  1. Sun – to reference the sun can you can say ‘it is sunny’ or ‘the sun is shining’.
  2. Rain – to talk about the rain you can say ‘it is raining’.  Conversational ways of saying this include ‘it’s a bit wet’ or ‘it’s a bit damp outside’.
  3. Cloudy – we say it is cloudy when cloud cover obsures the sun some or all of the time, but it is not raining.  You can say ‘it is cloudy’ or ‘it is overcast’.
  4. Snow – as well as ‘it is snowing’, snow is often referred to as ‘the white stuff’.
  5. Thunder – to talk about thunderstorms you can use phrases like ‘it is thundering’, ‘there is a thunderstorm’ or ‘did you see the thunder and lightning?’
  6. Hail – when we talk about hail we mean when it is ice comes from the clouds rather than rain or snow.  You can say things like ‘it is hailing’ or ‘have you seen the hail?’

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