The Deep Think – Schools Where The Student Chooses What To Learn

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We are all familiar with cirriculums.  As students or teachers we have all been guided by these, and what we have know has been shaped in some way by the cirriculums that were prevalent when we were in education.

But what about a school where the student chooses what they want to learn?  This is something operated by schools which follow the Sudbury Model of educatuon.  The Sudbury model places the decission on what should be taught on the students themselves.

Much of the current effort in education is spent attempting to motivate students to learn. A Sudbury school doesn’t spend any time attempting to motivate students; we believe that they are inherently motivated. We believe this because all the evidence of childhood development supports it.

It is an interesting concept, and in article linked to below many arguments are put forward to support the Sudbury model as an effective way of teaching and learning.

What do you think?  Comment below with your views.  Here is the full article.


The Kappu Team



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