7 Ways To Say You Are Hungry In English

Food is great, although quite often being hungry isn’t.  Here are 7 ways to let people know you are hungry in English.

  1. I’m famished – this means you are very very hungry.
  2. I’m feeling peckish – you are only a little bit hungry.
  3. I’m all rumbly in my tumbly – this is a reference from the childrens book Winnie the Pooh, meaning you are hungry.
  4. I could eat a horse – you are really hungry, and need a big meal.
  5. Ravenous – this is a very nice word meaning that you are very hungry.
  6. I’m starving – this is often just a light hearted way to show that you are very hungry.
  7. I’m Hank Marvin – this is a rhyming slang way of saying you are starving.

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