The Deep Think – Creativity In Schools

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Creativity in schools is a contentious subject in some countries where it is regulary  relegated further and further into the background.  A recent study by the Pew Research Group in the USA conducted research in 19 countries to discover whether a creative or ‘academic basics’ approach was favoured.  The results were varied and reflected trends politics.

In Spain, 67% of people wanted schools to prioritise the teaching of creativity, compared with 24% who wanted schools to focus on the academic basics and discipline.

But at the other end of the spectrum was the UK, where researchers found that 51% wanted schools to prioritise the basics and discipline, compared with 37% who thought schools should pay more attention to cultivating creativity.

What do you think?  Should creativity be promoted or should an ‘academic basics’ approach be taken?  Read the full article on the BBC website here.



The Kappu Team

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