The Deep Think – Motivation, Mixed Messages, And The Condition Of Boys Everywhere

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This Sundays’ Deep Think centers on education in the Middle East and the success of girls in these education systems over boys.  In a powerful article written by Amanda Ripley for The Atlantic, Amanda looks into this in an in-depth and illuminating way.

The answers as Ripley goes on to explore are far from simple, with many facets and factors playing a role in the trend.  One issue which is raised however is the idea of motivation and it’s link to entitlement.  Ripley writes:

“Motivation is the dark matter of education. It’s everywhere but impossible to see. Motivation helps explain why some countries get impressive education results despite child poverty and lackluster teaching, while others get mediocre results despite universal health care and free iPads.”

Interviews with female students within these education systems are also enlightening.

“I do my homework, and I read books,” … “My brother, what does he do? He goes with his friends. He plays PlayStation.”

“If I study five hours a day, it would not be enough,” … “If my brother studies one hour, it would be a miracle.”

“A boy doesn’t need to study hard to have a good job,” … “But a girl needs to work hard to get a respectable job.”

There is far more to this than just entitlement.  The nature of schooling, school life and differences in wider life for boys and girls also plays a large factor.  However entitlement in conjunction with other factors seems to have a negative impact on education results in the examples given.  Motivation is however a fundamental in any situation.  Globally this plays a role across all fields, but particularly education.  From direct experience I can relate to this and the power that motivation has played in my achievement of things or lack of.

The link to this fascinating article is here.  What are your thoughts on motivation in schools?  Do you see parallels in your own society?  Comment below, we would love to hear your thoughts on this article, whatever they are.


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