The Deep Think – Taking Hong Kong Education Into The Digital Age

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Here is an article in the Comment / Insight and Opinion section of the South China Morning Post.  It talks about secondary education in Hong Kong and the benefits of embracing the digital age in a more serious way.  Speaking about the Diploma of Secondary Education in Hong Kong, Simon Wang says:

With the advent of artificial intelligence and the increasing popularity of e-learning, it is time to consider computerising the Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE) exam in Hong Kong. Using computers to design, deliver and mark the tests can improve the efficiency of the exam administration, making it possible to offer the exams more than once a year. It may also catalyse the adoption of e-learning in our secondary schools and help students develop information literacy that is vital for the knowledge economy.

Simon goes on to suggest at many levels of education that relying on pen and paper limits students, while using technology more would reduce pressure and increase opportunities.

Read the full article here.  What do you think?


Dave Horn

The Kappu Team

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